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Tuesday Morning Skate: Commenter Training Camp: Day 2: SIGNUPS

Jared Wickerham

Goooooood morning, campers! Welcome back for day two of commenter training camp. Now that we all have gotten to know each other, it's important that you all get prepared for one of our favorite games: blog field trips. Yep, every once in a while we decide to jump over to another blog and get all up in their comments. But some blogs have waiting periods between signing up and commenting. So, that brings me to assignment 2

Assignment 2

Go to all 30 other NHL blogs (I see you, BoC!) and sign up, if you haven't yet. This will be easy for the returning folks as they've probably already done it.

When you're done, report back with which blogs don't allow swearing in the comments.

And, if you haven't signed up here yet, get on it doggone it! Time won't waste itself in the comments!