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29 Teams We Hate: Dallas Stars

Kevin C. Cox

First and foremost: fuck Norm Green.

The Dallas Stars are probably the least creative franchise in existence. Back in the early 90s when they came into the league, they didn't even have the wherewithal to come up with their own clever name; they basically kept the name of the team they stole from Minnesota, minus "North." Can you imagine if they'd just become the Dallas North Stars? That's almost as stupid as a team from LA being named the "Lakers."

Sorry, Minnesota.

But really, what other stolen team hasn't been completely rebranded? What other team exists that constantly reminds a sad hockey mecca of their failure to keep an NHL team? At least the Hurricanes, Devils, Jets, Coyotes, and Avalanche had the good sense to create their own identity (well, the Jets are questionable), with a new name and new colors and logos and things that tie the team to the area in some way shape or form.

The Stars? Nope, we're just going to sit here 939 miles south of Minneapolis and mock the twin cities for losing what could have been a great thing. Dick move, Dallas.

Their new uniforms are ugly as sin, invoking a sense of coffee for some reason, and a bigger sense of what the hell is with all these teams and their new fancy round logos. Yet again, lacking in originality.

But these are all general reasons to loathe the very fiber of the Dallas Stars' being. Why particularly should Bruins fans hate Dallas?

Oh, lots of reasons.

It all started on November 1, 2008 with Sean Avery and Steve Ott and Krys Barch being douchebags. So nothing new for them, but a new thing for them against the Bruins, whom they didn't often play. This series of fights and shenaniganery actually jump-started the Bruins' ridiculous win streak in 2008 and was the basis for Bruins fans to start disliking Dallas.

It continued in the Stanley Cup season, with DALLAS GAME II. Three fights in four seconds!

The current iteration of Dallas are a bunch of toolbags, starting with Tyler Seguin and coach Lindy Ruff (yeah, remember that THAT happened) and going all the way back to their Atlantapeg reject goalie Kari Lehtonen. The Bruins stole the majority of their prospect talent in the Seguin trade AND managed to fleece them out of Jagr for the low low price of Lane MacDermid. I think we can safely anticipate the two Dallas/Boston games this year getting chippy, even if they don't employ noted assholes like Ott and Avery anymore.