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Wednesday Morning Skate: Commenter Training Camp Day 3: EMBEDS!

Jared Wickerham

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Or sometimes, you don't get the full weight in a tweet unless it's organized as such.

Assignment 3

Post an embedded image as though Dougie Hamilton just scored a go-ahead goal against Toronto. To post an image:

  1. Find a suitable image, using Google Image Search or draw one yourself in paint or whatever
  2. Upload said image to a free hosting service such as or or otherwise. This is also referred to as "re-hosting." If you just hotlink the picture, you can end up with whatever the host you hotlinked from wants there. Sometimes it's a broken image. Sometimes it's a dickpick (actually happened)
  3. Copy the "direct" URL
  4. Past the direct URL in between two exclamation points. This indicates to the commenting engine that you've put an image URL in there and it should display the image
  5. Click preview to make sure that it looks okay
  6. Click "post"!

Then, post an embedded tweet from a TSN personality (Aaron Ward, Uncle Bob, Dreger, whatever). To post an embedded tweet:

  1. Find an appropriate tweet.
  2. Click the "More" link under the tweet. (Note: this is not available on mobile. You'll have to use dark magic or browser ID switching to get this on mobile)
  3. Click "Embed Tweet"
  4. Copy the highlighted text that comes up
  5. Paste that text into a comment
  6. Click "preview." It won't be perfectly formatted yet.
  7. Click post.

Give it a go!