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Fresh Links: Wild Speculation Edition

The first puck of the season hasn't dropped yet, but that hasn't stopped people from making LOTS of predictions for what will happen in May and June.

Gregory Campbell has been going through a lot lately
Gregory Campbell has been going through a lot lately
Marianne Helm

But first -- last night's game...

<li>Carl Soderberg scores 26 seconds into the game, Tuukka Rask makes 20 saves against the Winnpeg Jets, and Boston never looks back, beating the Jets 5-0 in their last pre-season game before the read deal begins. [<a href="">Boston Herald</a>]</li>


<li> Pez from Days of Y'Orr makes five predictions for the Bruins' upcoming season. [<a href="">Days of Y'Orr</a>]</li>

Is it hubris if we talk about the Bruins post-season in the off-season?

<li>The Hockey News predicts that come spring, Boston will be sitting atop the Atlantic Division. [<a href="">The Hockey News</a>]</li>

<li>Taking it further, here's an article from Bruins Daily with the headline "Cue the Duckboats" [<a href="">Bruins Daily</a>]</li>

<li> Grantland looks at the players who are the best long-shot bets to win an NHL award in June. [<a href="">Grantland</a>]</li>

<li>Here's a primer on how the playoff seeding will work for a league that now has 16 teams in one conference and 14 in the other.[<a href="">CBC Sports</a>]</li>

<li> How did our old friend Tim Thomas (now with the Florida Panthers) fare against the Tampa Bay Lightning in his first start in goal in over a year? [<a href="">CBS Sports</a>]</li>