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Tuesday Morning Skate: Roughriders Start Now "Historic"

Tom Szczerbowski

"Excellence, therefore, is a habit rather than an act."

- Bruins Locker Room

Well, the Roughriders are at it again. They won on Saturday, taking down the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Thanks to a pair of touchdowns from Kory Sheets, a pair of touchdowns from Taj Smith, and a pair of touchdowns from hall-of-fame Saskatchewan Roughrider Wider Receiver Geroy Simon (Nice TD Grab here) all helped as the Riders rolled to a 48-25 win on Sunday. Granted, Winnipeg is the worst team in the entire CFL. However, you've gotta dominate your cupcake opponents if you're going to keep up against the good ones.

This is the best start the Roughriders have ever had in their long and storied history. They host the grey cup this year, and it looks like the team is on pace to appear at home. Here's hoping.

What's on tap, y'all?