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Fresh Links: 2 Us, 2 Ks, 2 Funny Edition

Had enough of canned, media-ready soundbites? Me 2. Thank you, Tuukka Rask!

Tuukka Rask calls 'em like he sees 'em
Tuukka Rask calls 'em like he sees 'em
Bruce Bennett

<p><b> the Bruins Captain's Practices are filling up, and we can look forward to the opening of Rookie Camp:  </b></p>


<li> Tuukka Rask is in a comfortable place after a near-perfect career trajectory, next step- the Olympics, where Finland is celebrating a wealth of goaltending options. [<a href="">NHL</a>]</li>

<li> Rask further offered a refreshingly candid soundbite on healthy Bruins goalie competition. No one gets thrown under the bus! [<a href="">@TheBruinsBlog</a>]</li>

<li> Loui Eriksson stepped into a new locker and into a new line (likely both Tyler Seguin's.) [<a href="">TheBostonGlobe</a>]</li>

<li> Eriksson has done a reverse-Horton, coming into a high-pressure hockey market, and he brings high aspirations. [<a href="">WEEI</a>]</li>

<li> Former Bruin P.J. Axelsson put in a good word for Boston with his friend and former Frolunda teammate. [<a href="">BostonHerald</a>]</li>

<li> Here's the scoop on Bruins Rookie Camp. [<a href="">CSNNE</a>]</i>

<li> More Bruins have returned to Boston and arrived for practice. [<a href="">@DJ_Bean</a>]</li>

<li> The new NHL salary cap didn't turn out to be "the financial sharknado that many feared." The Bruins have wiggle room. [<a href="">SportsIllustrated</a>]</li>

<li> Hey, former Bruin and Nashoba Regional H.S. football star Hal Gill is still looking for a team. Take a look at the well-produced Your Canadiens profile of him here. [<a href="">MontrealGazette</a>]</li>

<li> Mathieu Darche feels his pain. [<a href="">@Skillsy75</a>]</li>

<li> Have a look at these proposed (and then rejected) NHL team nicknames. [<a href="">GreatestHockeyLegends</a>]</li>