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Bruins Top 25 Under 25: #8 Jordan Caron

Don't be shocked if we see him gallop to another team this year.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Jordan Caron

RW/LW / Boston Bruins

Height: 6-2
Weight: 201
Born: November 2, 1990
2012-2013 Numbers: P-Bruins 11-7-18, 47 GP; playoffs 2-7-9, 12 GP; Boston 1-2-3, 17 GP

Jordan Caron. What to say about Jordan Caron at this point in his career.

Caron was drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft, 25th overall. His Q career wrapped up in the 2010 playoffs, and the following season he immediately was able to log time in the NHL. He's an 0.53 PPG player in the AHL, and an 0.23 PPG player in the NHL; through 88 NHL games, his totals are 11-14-25. He's not quite the Corsi black hole that Chris Bourque was, but he's not great, either.

It's very likely that this is Jordan Caron's last shot to prove himself in the Boston system, unless he's content to play in the AHL for most of the remainder of his career. He's currently on a one year deal making close to league minimum (640K cap hit). While it's nice for Boston and Boston's salary cap to have a somewhat competent player making a small amount of money comparatively, it doesn't bode well for Caron that there are players behind him chomping at the bit for that third line RW spot.

Our Rankings:

Sarah Cornelius Ecozens Wayne Whittaker Ian McLaren Sean Hathaway TomServo42 BruinsHockeyNow Dan
7 4 9 9 8 9 10 n/a

Caron gets his rankings padded because of previous NHL experience, but will quickly be overtaken if he doesn't step his game up a notch this season. Would he do better in a different system? We may get the opportunity to find out before the trade deadline this year - otherwise, if things remain status quo, don't be surprised if he isn't qualified by Chiarelli and Co. at the end of the season.