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Monday Morning Skate: Riders Lose Banjo Bowl

Tom Szczerbowski

Well, it had to happen eventually. Winnipeg finally won a game at home. Gross, I know. The Roughriders dropped to 8-2 on the season and the Bombers improved to 2-8, dropping Edmonton down to officially the worst team in the league. Where they belong.

Unfortunately this also let's the charging Calgary Stampeders catch up to the Riders in the standings. It's a bleak and unfortunate situation all around for everyone involved. Halfway through the CFL season and we're off to the races divisionally. Out east, there is a grand total of one team with a winning record, and they happen to be Toronto. The CFL, man. Crazy-rules football, indeed.

The really unfortunate thing is that this video - by the Premier of Saskatchewan - becomes slightly less relevant:

What's on tap on this beautiful Monday morning, y'all?