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Leafs 4, Bruins 3: Bozak'd

Jared Wickerham

Extra Skater Stats

The Bruins outworked the Leafs all night, but the most struggly PK in all the land gave up two goals and the Bruins lost 4-3. Bozak had a three point night. Maybe he is a real first line center after all (haaaa.) Remember when we had a good PK? I miss you, Seidenberg.

Bright side:

The Good:

- That Bergeron goal, holy actual mother of god.

- The Bruins had faaaar more shot attempts than the Leafs, and looked great possession wise.

- Seriously though the Krejci line should have had SOMETHING. They had so much zone time and looked great all game.

- Um, congrats, fourth line, on being momentarily relevant!

- Boychuk hit JVR so hard in the third period that his glove flew 11 rows into the stands, and it was pretty amazing.

The Bad:


- I hate Tyler Bozak

The Interesting:

- Tonight was Zdeno Chara's 1100th NHL game.

Notable Moments:

Bergeron goal

Seriously though

it was beautiful

and here's the Boychuk hit: