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Thursday Morning Skate: Mute

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Greg Fiume

Good morning folks and welcome back to the timely morning skate! Uh, ahem. Anyhow, some crazy trades happened yesterday huh? Andrew Ference's Oilers got worse, trading away a goalie that's maintained a .910 sv% with that defense in front of him. They think they upgraded with Matt Hendricks, but it looks like he may have fallen off the Campbell Cliff - used to be very useful, now in swift decline and carried by reputation. Did you know that Douglas Murray used to be good? (If you're a Habs front office person, he still is and should be signed at a premium and locked up long term!) But players age and its obvious that some teams (like the sharks) are getting better at analyzing players than some of their more old-fashioned counterparts. Which is why you'll see stat nerds going nuts about 4th liners. It is a decent-enough indicator for how much care goes into picking a roster. Anyways, bravo to Nashville and anyone else making a trade that make them maybe better.

What's on tap, y'all?