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Bruins 4, Stars 2: Well that was fun!

I didn't die of alcohol poisoning which always means it was a good night

Ronald Martinez

Extra Skater Stats

What a game. The Bruins and Stars were about evenly matched all night, in terms of the fact that Kari Lehtonen saved the Stars' bacon about eighty times shorthanded, and the Bruins couldn't capitalize. The PK looked almost OK, and even the fourth line managed to contribute. Not terrible.

The Good:

- David Krejci had his first goal in ten games.

- Chad Johnson, despite getting his eye practically gouged out, looked pretty OK!

- Really the KIL line looked awesome all game.

- Um, congrats, fourth line, on being momentarily relevant!

The Bad:

- The third line had probably their most irrelevant game in a while.

The Interesting:

- I had to take five shots in the first period for mentions of the Seguin trade. Goddammit.

Notable Moments:

Chad Johnson, sticked in the face! He lost his contact and played the rest of the 2nd without it. Badass.

Lucic had a nice goal.