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Friday FlorthEast Recap Roundup: "I still clean my toilet with his jersey"

Hannah Foslien

I told you it was back! Let's take a look at this week.

1. BOSTON (30-15-2) 4-2 win over Dallas

Chad Johnson, sticked in the face! He lost his contact and played the rest of the 2nd without it. Badass.

2. TAMPA BAY (28-15-5) 2-1 shootout loss to NY Islanders

Speaking of streaks, Marty St. Louis is now on a six-game points-scored stretch, consisting of four goals and three assists.

His goal tonight puts him one point behind Larry Robinson for 87th place on the NHL's all-time points-scored list, and two points behind Kirk Muller for 86th place.

3. MONTREAL (27-16-5) 4-1 loss to New Jersey

C'est un match où le Canadien n'a jamais su prendre l'avantage. Incapables de contrer le maillage défensif des Devils en zone neutre, les rouges se sont laissés repousser le long des bandes lorsqu'ils n'avaient pas la rondelle. Lorsque leurs défenseurs avaient la rondelle en zone défensive, les attaquants se faisaient trop prendre à aller attendre la passe trop haut, parfois même de l'autre côté de la ligne du centre, mais encore là toujours le long des bandes. Rendus là, ils ne pouvaient qu'attendre patiemment la longue passe en se laissant glisser, ce qui en faisait des proies faciles pour la défensive adverse et interdisait toute entrée de zone avec de la vitesse.

4. TORONTO (24-20-5) 4-3 win over Boston

This was the definitive example of hockey being a game largely influenced by luck, bounces, and goaltending. The ice was heavily tilted in the Bruins favor, but a couple of chance rebounds for the Leafs, a few defensive miscues, and a few bad penalties saw them hand the Leafs their first regulation win in exactly a month's time.

Gold Star Award: Tyler Bozak for his 2g, 1a, 3pt night

5. OTTAWA (21-18-9) 3-0 win over Minnesota

Dany Heatley? While I still clean my toilet with his jersey (no, seriously), Heatley's decline since leaving us has really taken most of the fun out of that story. It's like hating your ex who cheated on you but then got fat, dropped out of school, and works at the movie theatre now. It's just not worth it.

6. DETROIT (20-17-10) 1-0 loss to NY Rangers

Jimmy Howard made enough saves to win two games and ended up with the loss because a deflected shot fluttered over him. Such is the way of the game sometimes. I'm sure that somewhere out there lies a pocket of fans who have deluded themselves into being angry with Howard over the way this game went. I hope that pocket of fans all lives in the same dank tenement and it gets torn down by a fuckdozer while Michael Bay is filming Transformers 69.

7. FLORIDA (18-22-7) 4-2 win over NY Islanders

Tim Thomas turned aside 14 of 15 shots in the third period to preserve the rare cushion his teammates afforded him.

The Panthers notched three goals in a period for the first time since the season opener against the Dallas Stars.

The power play failed again, going a putrid 0 for 5. The Panthers are 0 for 22 in their last seven games.

8. BUFFALO (13-27-6) 4-3 (SO) loss to Toronto

The game opened like many have this season, with the Sabres being outshot and outscored in the first period thanks to a Phil Kessel goal on a nice shot from the Leafs star. Things picked up in the second period, however, with two goals apiece, including the second of the year from Matt Ellis.