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Brad Marchand's snipe, Svedberg's awesome saves help Bruins take out Preds 3-2 in OT

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Extra Skater Stats

Flortheast reigns victorious yet again! The Bruins came from behind to beat the Predators, keeping their longest games-lost-at-home streak at 2. Niklas Svedberg got the win in his first NHL game, Brad Marchand did the thing in overtime after getting bounced off the dasher by Shea Weber, and here we are, 2-0 against the Preds on the season. What a brilliantly exciting way to start 2014.

Svedberg will head back to Providence tomorrow, but with this win under his belt it'll be intereasting

The Good:

- Svedberg! He made 33 saves on 35 shots, while the Bruins only took 25 shots down the other end. One goal was 100% the fault of a bad line change and Ryan Spooner being the only one backchecking, and the other was a Shea Weber blast through traffic - neither were awful, by any means.

- Jarome Iginla's goal. Holy crashing the net, Batman. That entire top line has a six-game point streak.

- The third period continues to be a strong point for the Bruins. As Jack Edwards always enjoys pointing out, only the Blues have a higher third period goal differential - +20, where the Bruins sit at +19.

- Brad Marchand, what amazing moves in overtime. That ridiculous dangle, that snipe shot.

- Dougie's back and that's awesome.

The Bad:

- How do you second period?

- We appear to have a regression situation on hand regarding the power play. It was so nice to have the fifth best power play in the league and I really don't want that to go away. :(

The Interesting:

- Svedberg after one game: 2.00 GAA, 0.942 sv%. SMALL SAMPLE SIZES. Also not bad for the first Swedish goalie the Bruins have ever had.

Notable Moments:

JOHNNY ROCKET to tie it up in the third!

Iggy goal for the go-ahead!

And then Marchand in OT...

Much to the happiness of Neely

And hugs for Svedberg!

Tweet of the Night: