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Guy Boucher tired of Waiting for Montreal, hired by HC Bern

Mike Stobe

It'll be a day of mourning over at Eyes on the Prize as the guy they most wanted to take over for Therrien (MAY HE RIEGN FOREVER) just got hired by HC Bern. In Switzerland.


Bruins fans will remember him as the Bond villain that had Tampa playing the 1-3-1 with hilarious consequences. Like the Flyers refusing to attack and the Lightning refusing to forecheck. What a world. We also probably remember him as the guy that the Bruins beat in the Eastern Conference Final in game 7. Krejci to Horton and in. What a goal:

Anyhow, if you're not all blocked by Jerkshire already make sure to log into Twitter and give him a hard time. Especially because Bern is out of the playoffs and Boucher is coming in to salvage their season. Long Live Therrien, Long Live the Coach!