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Bruins 6, Islanders 3: Marchand's Four Points, Swede Goals, Quota!

Paul Bereswill

Extra Skater Stats.

I don't even know where to start with this. So many positives: quota met, Zdeno Chara's 500th point, Brad Marchand is on a ridiculous streak of being awesome, the Swedes scored beautiful goals, and Chad "Hi I'm Chad Johnson" Johnson got the win.

The first two periods were actually obnoxiously close. The Bruins blew three leads as the Islanders came back to tie the game every time the Bruins pulled ahead. They were tied 1-1 after the first period, and were going into the second intermission tied 3-3 when the magical one-eyed Yeti scored the ultimate game-winning goal and the best goal of the night, in my opinion. Although all six Bruins goals were fantastic.

The boxscore can probably give you an equally sufficient summary.

The Good:

- Goals! QUOTA! That's two straight games with quota met. 12 goals in two games.

- Zdeno Chara's goal in the third period (the sixth Bruins goal) was his 500th career point.

- The line of Marchand-Bergeron-Smith had nine points combined. Each member of the line has a six game point streak with a combined 30 points.

- Brad Marchand had four points. He has 12 points in the last six games, including seven goals. Marchand was seriously a beast tonight.

- Chad Johnson is 9-3, which is a lot better than I would have thought. He made some pretty good saves to keep the game tied when it was still a clusterfuck in second period.

- Vanek didn't get a point! Woohoo!

- Kevan Miller smash

The Bad:

- Obvious: they blew several leads.

- They took some stupid penalties.

- Gregory Campbell and the fourth line did unnecessarily stupid things that lead to goals and power plays for the Islanders.

- Dougie Hamilton misplayed the puck at the conclusion of an Islanders penalty kill that resulted in a two-on-zero, which the Islanders scored on.

- Why the hell wasn't Ryan Spooner playing?

- That second intermission "Not Talking Hockey" segment with Matt Bartkowski was painful to watch.

- Cluttebuck slew-footing Chara at the end of the first period

The Interesting:

- Kyle Okposo has three straight three-point games against the Bruins. The last player to do so against the Bruins was Mario Lemieux in the 1995-96 season.

- The Bruins are 10-0 when Chara scores (via @NickGossNESN).

- The Bruins are 7-1-1 in the last nine games.

- This was the fourth straight road game where the Bruins have tallied a goal within the last minute of a period.

Notable Moments:

Loui's first period goal that opened the scoring:

Marchand's 17th goal of the season

Reilly Smith scores his 17th of the season as well, bonus assist from Shawn Thornton

Yeti goal. I love this goal. I'd marry this goal.

Bergeron's 14th of the season with the Statue of Liberty celebration


Now let's prepare for tomorrow's epic storyline of Timmy vs Tuukka. Also, Chris Kelly returns. Which fourth liner is out? More importantly, can they meet quota against Tim Thomas?