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Wednesday Morning Skate: 6, 6, 6...The Number of the Goals!

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Bruce Bennett

I came to a realization last night and it made me sorta uncomfortable - part of the reason that Gregory Campbell has fallen off a cliff this year is because he's still recovering from a broken leg.

Now, I'm not saying that we should keep him in the lineup because of this, but I'm also probably not going to use my harshest words on him anymore. "4 minth conditioning stint" will replace "glue factory," "heal the fuck up" will replace "get the fuck off my team you old useless husk of a hockey player," and "Oh good another time where Campbell gets wrecked in a fight" becomes "you're going to ruin your recovery, Gregory."

Of course, this all becomes moot when Steven Stamkos puts up Campbell's yearly production in his first week or two back. Luckily for Gregory, nobody thinks he's Stamkos. (If you are an NHL GM and do, please call Peter Chiarelli with trade offers today!)

Happy race day, IGPers!

What's on tap, y'all?