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Friday Morning Skate: Mike Fisher Is Still Searching the Rafters

...for his jock, because boy did he get juked out of it last night. Damn, Marchand. Damn. Svedberg is already on his way back to the AHL, much like Tuukka Rask's first NHL game (vs the Rangers, only NHL game he played that year) it's a fleeting experience but he did it. And he played well, making a couple of fantastic saves. Went post to post better than Chad Johnson as well.

The only IIHF game today is part two of the Norway/Germany relegation best-of-3 playoff. It's at 10am, and it's not available on TV because lol. Norway beat Germany 3-0 yesterday, I expect that to continue. This weekend we've got the semifinals and the finals. Hoping for Finland over Sweden for Gold, myself.

Happy Race Day, igpers. What's on tap, y'all?