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Flip all the tables. Bruins drop game to Canadiens, 4-1

The Bruins struggle-bussed their way to a 4-1 loss to the Canadiens tonight. Here are some details.

Jim Rogash

Extra Skater Stats

Well, we knew it'd have to happen sometime. You can't just keep on putting up quota forever and just stinks that it was against the Canadiens. Dougie Hamilton had the lone goal of the night, assisted by the Swedes. The Bruins took a gajillion penalties. Brad Marchand tossed Brendan Gallagher into a post for trying to bother Tuukka Rask and if a PPG for the Habs hadn't ensued, it would have been great.

Rask got pulled for "Hi I'm" Chad Johnson. ALEXEI EMELIN GOT HIS FIRST GOAL OF THE YEAR. Nope nope I am done.

The Good:

- Nice goal, Dougie

- Matt Bartkowski actually had a few really strong shifts.

- The Bergeron line actually got some sustained zone time and better quality shots off than everyone else! Everyone else sucked.

The Bad:


- no really everything else.

- Why did David Krejci really randomly fall down about eight times tonight?

- Why did Julien pull Tuukka Rask?

- Why did Chad Johnson???

- Why is Brendan Gallagher such a little shit?

-  Why did the whole team focus more on hitting than on playing smart with the puck? They can do it against EVERYONE ELSE but not the Canadiens?

- Most of the shots on goal were not high-quality...meanwhile, the Canadiens were getting in Rask and Johnson's space all night. Not good.

The Interesting:


Notable Moments:

oh look the ONE GOAL the Bruins scored all night how delightful

Tweet of the Night: