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Friday Morning Skate: Alternate Captain Planet to return tomorrow

Just gonna cry quietly for a minute. What a time to be alive!
Just gonna cry quietly for a minute. What a time to be alive!

Well I'd be just as happy not talking about last night as I would be complaining. It was a shit game by damn near everyone. Even Dougie's fantastic play was balanced by a bad penalty. Moving on.

Tomorrow, friend of the blog Alternate Captain Planet will attempt to return to Gahden ice. I say "attempt" because he's been out with injury. Longtime readers of the blog may remember Phunwin's bet a few years ago - if Ference missed less than ten games, he'd stop eating veal for a while. Luckily for Phunwin, Andy got hurt late that season and Phunwin got to keep eating veal. So, its not that surprising that he (or really, anyone that plays pro hockey) got injured but I do hope we see him. Homecomings are much better when the player is on the ice.

I, for one, hope they include him flipping the bird to the whole Bell Center in the playoffs in his tribute video. And that time he talked to a classroom about worm compost. And probably "OHHHH WHAT A HIT! FERENCE FLATTENS OTT!"

What are your favorite Andrew Ference moments? What would you include in his tribute video?

And most importantly, what's on tap, y'all?