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Fresh Links: Gagne YAY Edition

In a move straight out of Hollywood central casting, the Bruins have signed their requisite Veteran Guy.

The Bruins #12 is always reserved for the team's Veteran Guy. Welcome, Simon Gagne!
The Bruins #12 is always reserved for the team's Veteran Guy. Welcome, Simon Gagne!

SB Nation 2014 NHL Preview

In Bruins news you can use:

  • The Bruins are taking steps to leave the scoring slump behind them. Simon Gagne is now officially a Bruin. [NHL]
  • In yesterday's matinee battle of the two NHL teams least likely so far to score a goal, the Bruins lost to a last millisecond goal by Daniel Briere. [WorcesterTelegram]
  • Loui Eriksson was too effective on the third line with Carl Soderberg and Chris Kelly to move him to his anticipated first line slot, despite the return of David Krejci. [PatriotLedger]
  • Got finish? Apparently the Bruins are looking for theirs. [ProvidenceJournal]
  • Claude Julien was adamant that Niklas Svedberg had done his job, and had given the Bruins a chance to win. [BostonHerald]
  • Here are the three glaring things wrong with the Bruins thus far. [WEEI]
  • If you prefer your bad news to be brief, here are 5 takeaways. [ChowderAndChampions]
  • One consolation was that Julien considered the addition of Seth Griffith, who played in his NHL debut with his parents in the stands, an upgrade. Brad Marchand was again perhaps targeted for minor penalties. [SouthCoastToday]
  • Jarome Iginla was gracious to his former teammates in victory, and was greeted warmly by both them and the TDGarden crowd. [MassLive]
  • No worries, Bruins fans, Iginla assures us that the Bruins will be just fine, thank you. [TheScore]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Don't Panic! It is far too soon to clutch your handkerchiefs. Not to rub it in, but Johnny Boychuk be lightin' em up for the Islanders and Alex Ovechkin 's plus/minus is a miraculous zero. [Grantland]
  • Don't be surprised when the next force in Olympic hockey is the Mexican women. [SportsVice]
  • Chris Pronger is the perfect man for the NHL Player Safety job. [YahooSports]
  • Give thanks! Here is a reason for each NHL team to be grateful. [TheHockeyNews]
  • Buffalo can be thankful that they're hosting the 2016 NHL Draft. [Sportsnet]
  • Olympian Anne Schleper joined the Tampa Bay Lightning for morning skate as Girls Play Hockey Weekend continued. [PuckDaddy]
  • Old friend Michael Ryder 's younger brother, Daniel, had a brief career as a promising sniper (and a tryout with the Providence Bruins) but then suddenly spiraled into mental illness. [NJDevils]
  • Take a seat, Trevor Gillies , we'll see you (or not) after 12 games. [TheScore]
  • Sometimes the letter "C" on your chest is a heavy burden. [Grantland]
  • There is a very good reason behind a hockey player raising his stick after a goal. Who knew? [GreatestHockeyLegends]
  • It can't be unseen, but have a gander at Dancing Kevin- he's one enthusiastic Blue Jackets fan! (Video, 0:45) [120Sports]
  • You may cleanse your eyes with this- a shot of a bunch of hockey playing kids in Levis, Quebec in 1941. [Imgur,Reddit]