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Thursday Morning Skate: #RivalryNight Tonight!


Good morning, everyone. Last night:

  • The Boston Bruins beat the Detroit Red Wings in the shootout.
  • The Kansas City Royals won another playoff game, sealing their postseason sweep into the World Series. Keep it up, Roys!
  • The St. Louis Cardinals lost and are in a 1-3 hole in the NLCS.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks lost to Calgary, 2-1. lol

So, how's everyone feeling this morning? Better than earlier this week, I hope.

Here's something long-time Bruins fan Jeff Israel said last night:

Every night that we've been on NBCSN has been #RivalryNight. So I declare tonight #RivalryNight. Let's keep it rolling, like Dougie possessing the puck.