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Gif Recap: Bruins lose to Habs 6-4, but uh, at least the Patriots won?

Seriously who scheduled both of these things on the same night

what are you doing back there you little shit
what are you doing back there you little shit
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

So...that was interesting. The first 2/3 of this game was great. It was chippy north-south hockey with not too much nonsense, just hard hits and great scoring chances, a few really good goals and some...okay, less than stellar goaltending.

Why, then, did the wheels fall off at the end of the third period? Because Boston-Montreal, of course.

The takeaway from this game should be that the third line is awesome, Simon Gagne mostly looks awful but hey he can score sometimes maybe, and that it's October so hey, whatever. Stanley Cups are won in the spring, not the fall.

So, gifs.

Zdeno Chara tipped a David Krejci bomb to open the scoring early in the game. It was on a power play from a puck over the glass penalty on Carey Price. Ha, ha.

The Habs tied it up in the first and then went ahead again in the second, but Carl Soderberg said eff you Montreal in Swedish probably and tied the game at 2. CAAARL. Look at this dirty work.

Loui Eriksson tipping over while scoring the Bruins' third goal will never not be funny. Good shot by Torey Krug.

Some dickbag shone a laser pointer on Tuukka Rask in the second period. Here's hoping the Bell Centre kicked the little shit out.

Jiri Sekac tied it up for Montreal in the second, 3-3 - and his dad went nuts.


On to the next one.