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Fresh Links: Carry A Torch Edition

Isn't it nice to know that it is still all about the Bruins for the Habs...

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Zdeno Chara works the netfront
Zdeno Chara works the netfront
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins scored four freekin' goals last night! Next, the Sabres will host the Bruins Saturday evening at 7 PM.

  • Give and take? The Bruins offense improved as their defense stumbled. Oh, and the torch ceremony was "loud and cheesy." [BostonHerald]
  • Three takeaway points, looking ahead. []
  • Mental mistakes are the biggest obstacle so far, in Andy Brickley's analysis. (With video, 1:36) [NESN]
  • Nope, the Bruins are still not in panic mode. [WinnpegFreePress]
  • There were shenanigans: Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand were among the miscreants. On the bright side, for stretches, the Bruins' "aggressive forechecking and diagonal, against-the-grain attacking passes" stymied the Habs. [TheGlobeAndMail]
  • Tuukka Rask was targeted by a laser pointer coming from the stands. [NESN]
  • Soooo... when WILL the Bruins dump this funk they're in? [WEEI]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Cautionary tale: What happens when an OHL team owner has overblown hockey ambitions for his own son? "Carnage." [TheHockeyNews]
  • Lack of progress in training points to Daniel Alfredsson approaching retirement. [DetroitFreePress]
  • Are the knives sharpening for Dallas Eakins after another slow start for the Oilers? [Sportsnet]
  • Sorry, Rogers, HNIC as we knew it is dead. Here's an obituary. [VanCityBuzz]
  • There has not yet been a single payment made on Nationwide Arena, the home of the Blue Jackets. [ColumbusDispatch]
  • Alumnus Jimmy Howard spoke about USA Hockey's National Team Development Program. (Video, 2:27) [YouTube]