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Thursday Morning Skate: Spooner, Can You Help Me Out?


SB Nation 2014 NHL Preview

The following is a comment from yesterday's post about Spooner being cut. I tried to best it, but there's literally nothing I could write that would be better. It needs a little more spotlight:

I need Spooner to make it

because he is my link to having Tuukka Rask join my band on an interim basis. Let me explain.

Spooner’s girl friend attends UNC Chapel Hill. My band plays regular there and we have a few mutual friends. (I have never personally met her.)

While playing in Chapel Hill I get one of my friends to bring Spoon’s GF to a gig. For that show, I am wearing a Spooner jersey. Smitten by my band, amazing bass skill and knowledge of the Boston Bruins, she agrees to a very casual one-on-one coffee talk. Again, she dates someone and I respect that.

At the coffee encounter, she texts Spooner about how she is having coffee with this awesome bass player who loves the Bruins.

Spooner buys our album and plays it as pump music before a Bruins game or in the gym.

Tuukka Rask who is also a good drummer, hears the music and he loves it. He particularly likes "Could You Help Me Out," the second track on out album. In this song, a tambourine is used as the high hat. It’s funky as [Yahoo!] and it makes you feel good.

Tuukka asks Spooner, "Hey Spoons, who is this? I must play with this band when they travel through New England next off season."

And Spooner makes it happen.

Thank you, BagelBruin, for all of that. Here is the song in question:

What's on tap, y'all?