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GIF Recap: Bruins Fall to the Boychuks, 3-2

JB55's return starts with cheers and smiles, ends with lots of sadness.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

GIF Recap! Thanks to Stephanie Vail.

1st Period

At first, there was a goal!

But it got called back 'cause of an interference penalty. Still 0-0.

A Johnny Boychuk hip che--oh, woops.

Welcome back, Johnny.

After some defensive pressure, B's let in a bad goal for a 1-0 Isles lead.

The crowd feels a little better after a JB55 tribute and this glowing smile.

And they felt even better after Lucic tied it up on Griffith's 1st NHL assist.

2nd Period

Chara doesn't come back to the game for the 2nd period after this hit in the 1st.

Accordingly, Okposo scores right away.

And then Cal "Best-Hockey-Name-Going" Clutterbuck piles on for a 3-1 lead.

Then a bunch of sloppy play happened and we get to the...

3rd Period

In the third, there were some chances...

Until finally Carl set up Chris Kelly for a nice tap-in goal.

Sweeeeeeede Kelly Liiiiiiiine.

But with all their chances, they still couldn't come out on top.


SO CLOSE. But the NHL doesn't give points for effort.