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GIF Recap: Bruins beat Leafs...wait for it....4-1

Feels good man

Claus Andersen

"And they do not have to chase this game right off the bat!"

No, Jack Edwards, they didn't.

In a game without Zdeno Chara, the team stepped up to take on a Leafs team whose fans were outwardly breathing sighs of relief at the idea of a Chara-less Bruins team (no, really, one's staying with me tonight and that's all they could say to me all day. 'You don't have Chara! We're gonna be ok!').

Luckily, Chara is not this entire team. Luckily, this team might actually be able to survive without him.

Carl Soderberg got the job started 3:27 into the game, with this nifty goal. (Fun note: the gfycat URL for this gif is "SlushyJauntyArcticFox", so.

David Krejci doubled the score in the second period by undressing Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf, and it was Good:

Gregory Campbell scored shorthanded in the third and it was...something:

Dougie Hamilton scored a big kid goal to make it 4-0:

And then the Leafs scored to make it 4-1. Beautiful.