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GIF Recap: Bruins Play 40 Minutes, Lose 4-3

The Wild ruin Seth Griffith's coming-out party as they scored 3 goals in the 3rd period.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't look good to start, and looked even worse at the end. The Bruins suffer their first defeat in the Chara-less era. They looked dominant after the first two periods, and forgot about that pesky 3rd. All GIFs courtesy of Steph via @myregularface.

1st Period

First Vanek stripped Bartkowski. It was ugly.

And it led to an easy goal by Nino Niederreiter to put Minnesota up 1-0.

Thankfully, Lucic brought the physical game tonight, forcing some turnovers.

That would eventually lead to beautiful goals.

Like David Krejci's clothesline tape-to-tape pass on Griffith's Hortonesque goal.

2nd Period

Seth strikes again! And does so in Number 4 fashion.

Such grace.

Then Griffith sent a tape-to-tape pass to Krug, who put it towards the net. Lucic tipped in the powerplay goal.

Bruins put 3 goals by Backstrom which had never happened before.

3rd Period

Minnesota cut it to 3-2 early in the 3rd, getting everyone on edge a little.

Things got even worse when Justin Fontaine tied it less than two minutes later.

And then Marco "Not-Sturm" Scandella puts a goal in from the blue line to go up 4-3.

The final five minutes had some chances, but much like the Islanders game last Thursday, Boston came up just short. The Bruins are now 2-4-0 at home this season.