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In their words: Bruins vs. Wild, 10/28

Read what the people involved had to say about the Bruins' awful 4-3 loss to Minnesota.

Patrice Bergeron can't bear to watch the Wild celebrate.
Patrice Bergeron can't bear to watch the Wild celebrate.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Claude Julien on what went wrong.

"A lot of it started in the second period. We started playing on our heels, we stopped playing on our toes and being first to the puck, or at least create the battle."

Julien on Seth Griffith.

"That’s probably the brightest thing of the night for us, was the fact that [Griffith] really played a strong game. If there’s somebody that should be walking out of here with his head up high, it’s him."

David Krejci on the loss.

"I felt like we kind of gave them the win. I don’t think we were ready for the third period, and it cost us the game."

Milan Lucic on team-wide blame.

"I’m not calling anyone just goes to show that you need all twenty guys to do their part in order to win a hockey game in this league."

Lucic on what's ailing the team.

"I think when you look at it you make and break your breaks. Right now we’re not getting them just because of some sloppy plays and miscommunications and, I guess, brain farts...just not doing the right things, especially in the D zone."

Tuukka Rask on defensive miscues.

"We’ve got to make better passes too and not put ourselves into trouble just by making bad passes. Taking care of the front of your’s not something new we’re doing. It’s whoever comes here should be capable of doing it. Lately we haven’t been."

Dennis Seidenberg of the team's breakdowns.

"It’s been going on the whole season so far, the past ten-eleven games. It’s something we have to work on and were trying to work on. We have to get it fixed."

Wild coach Mike Yeo on what he learned about his team during their road trip.

"We learned that we can’t take our foot off the gas when you have the lead and we learned that we can come back if we stay with it."

Zach Parise on what went right for his team.

"The best thing is that the way we were playing paid off.  In between the second and third we made some tactical adjustments and I think that really caught them off guard and paid off for us."

Parise on what Zdeno Chara's absence does to the Bruins.

"He controls a game.  I know personally I have been matched up against him quite a bit playing in New Jersey and he just makes such a difference out there."

Seth Griffith on the Bruins' struggles to get going.

"Every time we win one and then we lose one, it’s always a step back. We want to be an above five hundred hockey team and tonight we took a step back."