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Bob McKenzie: Bruins waive Caron, Cunningham and Warsofsky

If it's from Bob McKenzie, it's pretty much a guarantee.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

caron waived

Early news today had the Bruins making the three roster moves seen above, two of which are kind of surprising.

Craig Cunningham was still on the cusp, so his waive isn't that surprising. But Caron and Warsofsky? For as much as SCOC readers clamor about Caron being bad, it's hard to believe that there was no trade market for him.

Same goes for Warsofsky, who had been getting his stock pumped by Peter Chiarelli for weeks. It seemed like the B's were trying to move him, yet here he is, on waivers.

My guess: Warsofsky doesn't make it through without a claim, Caron gets claimed, Cunningham makes it through.

Obviously each player could still be recalled before opening night, but the "going through waivers" part is notable. We'll see what happens within 24 hours.