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Graphic: A look at just how far the Bruins will travel this season

It's easy to forget that professional athletes do a lot of traveling. This graphic puts into perspective just how far the Bruins will go.

Loui Eriksson & Co. will log a lot of air miles this season.
Loui Eriksson & Co. will log a lot of air miles this season.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Road games, to fans, are excuses for a quick getaway or a chance to see the Bruins play in their white uniforms instead of black. This is to say that they're pretty unremarkable occasions for fans. "The Bruins are on the road? Oh. Cool."

For the team, however, road games require a ton of preparation and behind-the-scenes work: flights, bags and hotel rooms all have to be set up perfectly.

The most noteworthy aspect of the travel is, well, the travel: getting on the airplane. Save for one trip in California, the Bruins should be taking a flight to every road game this season. This graphic takes a look at the mind-boggling number of miles an NHL team logs over the course of a season.

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