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VIDEO: Watch America beat Canada in Poutine-Eating

Over the weekend, Smoke's Poutinerie (a poutine chain across Canada) sponsored the 5th Annual Poutine Eating World Championship in Toronto. The contest was simple: Eat as much poutine as possible in 10 minutes. The winner won $6,000. Here were the results:

Place Name Nationality Pounds of Poutine
1 Matthew Stonie USA 14.75
2 Joey Chestnut USA 11.75
3 Erik Denmark USA 8.5
4 Adrian Morgan USA 8.25
5 Marcos Owens USA 6
5 Jim Reeves USA 6
7 Yasir Salem USA 5.75
8 Meredith Boxberger Canada 5.5
8 Badlands Booker USA 5.5
10 Ben Do Canada 4.5
11 Larell Marie Mele USA 3.75

As you can see, Canada got thwomped on their own turf. Here's American Conqueror Matt Stonie, mid-scarf:

What a hero.