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Tuesday Morning Skate: Commenter Training Camp: Introduce Yourself!

Dave Sandford

It's time again for Commenter Training Camp! Well, for a day or two anyhow. Either way, it's time to introduce yourselves. Everybody scroll past the stuff below and go to the comments, and tell us:

  1. Your Name (this can be commenter name, real name, fake name, D. B. Cooper, whatever)
  2. How long you've been on Chowder
  3. How many comments you've posted for the enjoyment of all of these wonderful people
  4. Your Favorite Bruin of all time
  5. Your Least-Favorite Bruin of all time
  6. Your favorite non-Bruins sports team
  7. Your favorite piece of Bruins memorabilia or merch. You don't need to own it to appreciate it.
  8. How many sit-ups can you do? Seriously, try right now. It's still early, nobody's around. Just get on the floor and do some sit-ups.

Let's get to know each other in the comments below!