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'Twas the night before puck drop, 2014 edition

Jared Wickerham

This is a bit of a revival of a feature that was once fairly regular here back before the current regime was around. Back when it was pretty much one guy (then for a little while, one guy and Phunwin) doing the whole site. He had a good run. Anyhow, back in 2009 we were all treated to a poem entitled Twas the night before puck drop. So now, 5 years down the road, let us (hopefully) enjoy the updated version.

Twas the night before puck drop and all through the house
The only creatures stirring were putting a new floor in the concourse
Some are thinking that this could be another "The Year of the Bear",
While others are still bitching that Boychuk won't be there.

The puckheads were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Lord Stanley danced in their heads.
This summer the B's re-learned the reality of the cap,
Now there's the matter of a Cup drought to snap.

When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to Twitter I flew like a flash,
Another boring argument was being re-hashed.

The Garden PA will start blaring some european techno remix
While Spooner and Pastrnak question if they can make it their position stick.
When, what to my wondering eyes should disappear,
But a whole pile of picks, traded for Boychuk and his eyes so dear.

The NBC Announcers were there, Edzo and Pierre and Doc Emrick
Telling us that every Wednesday is Rivalry Night, making us miss Jack and Brick
Made us wish for Jack Edwards' words come to life!

"Now Tuukka! now, Zee! now, Dougie and Eriksson...
On Bergy! On Krejci! On Carl and some new guys to mix in!
To the top of the standings! home ice in May!
To game sevens and setting aside another grieving day!

As the leaves start to fall, the pucks start to fly,
The expectations for this team are set pretty high.
So up to the The Garden went the Faithful old and new,
With hopes of seeing a goal quota and maybe a fight or two.

Rabid Black & Gold fans ready to tear off the roof
We hear Rancourt's still around, but we need the proof.
All summer long we wanted to hear that sweet sound,
A better anthem singer will not be found.

He was dressed all in his tux, from his head to his foot,
While some balcony dwellers are covered in ashes and soot.
Man, it feels good to have the B's back,
Now, it's time to start things off on the right track.

PC is trying to make all forget about having to sell
Who's first in line to ride the Philly goalie carousel? 
The B's didn't think Seguin was worth the dough,
Stats say he was, but what do analytics know?

The Bruin were never holding on to fair Johnny Boychuk,
but the internet stomped and gnashed and wished for luck.
Why did we give so much to Gregory Campbell and Chris Kelly?
Thanks to EPL and F1, NBCSports is still a favorite channel on my tele!

Behind the Flyer's bench, who but Craig Berube?
Laviolette moved to Nashville when Trotz started rocking ruby
Their forwards were trouble, but that (Weber-less) defense - My god!
Coaching that group would have killed dear old Claude.

No Pronger, No Kimmo, It's Luke Schenn and Nick Schultz!
Not sure how GM Ron Hextall expects good results.
Like last year, the Flyers are still dangerous foes.
They might not have defense but they score plenty of goals!

The B's will play hard right to the final whistle,
From crafty passes to point shots like a missile.
The future of the this team still looks bright,
"Let's Go Bruins!" Let's start this off right!

Go Bruins!