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Fraser, Robins, Spooner stick with Bruins, Pastrnak to AHL, Krejci misses practice

The last couple roster moves are falling into place for the B's!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

So, after much roster hemming and hawing, Ryan Spooner is sticking with the Bruins, as is Providence Punchisizer Bobby Robins. Surprising no one after the good noise about him this preseason, Matt Fraser also made the team. David Krejci has been banged up, and we hope it's not serious. The Bruins twitter account has been super-active on the roster moves this morning:

Also, per Chiarelli's presser, Simon Gagne is still traveling with the team, though apparently not signed. David Krejci's apparently still feeling the effects of his injury, which the Bruins are still terming as "minor." However, this could definitely be affecting parts of roster construction at the moment. Jordan Caron and Craig Cunningham are both also still practicing with the B's.

Thoughts on these moves? I'd  advocate for a better bottom-sixer than Robins, who really hasn't even played well in the AHL, but I think the Bruins made the right call on Pastrnak. Kid has a bright future, it seems, but there's no reason to rush him into the meatgrinder of the NHL before he has a chance to acclimate himself and fill out a bit more. Fraser seemed like a lock, given his solid play, and Spooner, in my opinion, should probably be learning at the NHL level.

I think it's fair to say that after a lot of news about how the Bruins were going with more skill on the bottom lines, then a couple rumblings about wanting more sandpaper after all, they appear to have settled on both.

UPDATE #1: Sarah highlighted this one, (and also added the original post), which is fun to see:

UPDATE #2: it appears as if Pastrnak may have had the option to return to Sweden, but instead waived the provision in his contact in order to accept an assignment to the AHL.