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In their words: Bruins vs. Flyers (10/8)

Thoughts from the coaches and players themselves on last night's game.

Jim Rogash

This is a feature we're going to try to run this season, where you hear (read, I guess) the actual words of the players, coaches and staff. No interjection from bloggers or writers, just straight-from-the-source team info.

Reilly Smith on playing with Carl Soderberg:

I don’t really see too many lanes but for some reason he always gets the puck through...I’m pretty fortunate about that.

Dougie Hamilton on his play last night:

There’s a lot of [moments I wish I had back]. I think just a lot of brain farts and I’ll just have to be better tomorrow.

Chris Kelly:

I just wanted to go out there and feel good and enjoy it. Last year was taken away from me and made me realize how much I missed the game and want to be out there playing.

Bobby Robins on the crowd's ovation after his fight:

I know the brand of hockey these Boston fans like and I just hope to be able to provide that and to get that kind of reception was a great feeling.

Robins on how he feels after his first professional game:

I don’t want to just play one game – I want to keep stringing together games and stringing together good games and make that a season, make that two seasons, and make that a career and keep going.

Steve Mason on the game-winning goal:

The broken stick fluttered the puck and threw my timing off. What threw me off the most we had two guys skate in front just as the puck was getting to me. I lost sight of it.

Milan Lucic on playing with unfamiliar linemates Ryan Spooner and Matt Fraser:

We’ve just got to be comfortable with one another, know where the other guy is, and those are things that just take a little bit of time. The good thing is we get right back at it tomorrow, and we’ve got a little bit more of a feel of what each guy can do.

More from Smith on Soderberg:

He’s really strong on the puck and somehow he sees plays that no one else sees, so if he can keep on doing that I think it’ll be really beneficial for our team.

Claude Julien on missing the game-winning goal:

[Doug Houda] said, ‘No, their winning goal.’ I said, ‘To be honest with you, I didn’t get a clear view.’ I don’t know if I was talking to someone and I looked up and then I saw the loose puck inside the net and the goal scored.