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Chowder Jerseys: The Second Run

About a year ago, we did a run of Stanley Cup of Chowder Jerseys. They were very similar to the old Pooh Bear thirds, with some slight modifications. Here's how they came out:

Pretty sweet, huh?

I'm not sure what prices will be this time around, but this is what it was last year:

  • Jersey, pro-style lettering: $195
  • Jersey, heat-sealed lettering: $135
  • Jersey, no lettering: $105

Assume that costs will be similar, unless a lot of people want them. Here's how we're going to do this:

  1. For the next week or so, figure out how many people want the second printing
  2. Check with vendor to see how much that is
  3. Collect money
  4. Order from vendor
  5. Send to you, the orderer.
There's no minimum, so we will be putting in an order of however many we want this time around. To register interest, please email me at In the subject, put "BLOG JERSEY" and in the body put whether you want your name on it. Early next week, I'll take that list and figure out prices, and get back to y'all. We'll go from there.