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In their words: Bruins vs. Devils, 11/10

Read what the skaters and coaches had to say about the Bruins' 4-2 win.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Torey Krug on his first game back from injury.

"I felt good. I didn’t notice [the injury]. It’s always a good thing when you’re not thinking about it. That was kind of what I was trying to do before to make sure I was comfortable with it and not thinking about my hand."

Gregory Campbell on Seth Griffith's goal.

"To score a highlight goal like that originates with just a simple, honest, hardworking play. When you sacrifice yourself and do the right thing, it pays off. In this case, it paid off right away for him."

Tuukka Rask on what goalies see on goals like Griffith's.

"You just try to take the net away and hope it hits you because you can’t really react to it, especially if it’s that close. Sometimes it squeezes through like that and it sucks."

Griffith on his goal.

"I knew I had a chance there. The D were kind of spread out there a little bit so I knew I had a little bit of a chance to get a break. Lucky enough it just stayed in my feet and I got to whack at it."

Griffith on what Good Guy Bergeron said to him after the goal.

"[He] was one of the first to congratulate me. It’s always pretty cool when a guy like that says something to you like that. He’s a great guy. He just said that was a sick play. He’s one of the guys that talks to me all the time and he’s making me more confident in the room."

Devils coach Peter DeBoer on local kid Cory Schneider's play in net.

"I thought it was average."

Schneider on what happened on Griffith's goal.

"I was trying to keep my feet in case the puck popped out or the trailer guy picked it up.  Whoever the D-man was had his stick tied up pretty good.  I didn’t really see it coming, what he did with his stick."

Jaromir Jagr on the Bergeron line.

"We just make bad plays in our zone and they’re very good with the sticks, especially the Bergeron line. They...always have the sticks in the lane. It’s not an accident...they know how to play. That’s why he’s the best defensive player in the league."

Reilly Smith on his diving penalty.

"I don’t think I embellished at all. You know I was trying to stay up, but I thought we would have gotten a good rush if I would have stayed up. I know Cammalleri mentioned in the penalty box that he was surprised that I went in there with him, but you know I guess things like that happen and you know the league is changing a little bit."

Chris Kelly with a #HotTake on the Griffith goal.

"I think I’m more defensive minded – I think the blocked shot is the best part of that. That’s the one that took the most thought, I think. The other part I think was just maybe a reaction. There, he got in the lane on purpose."

Claude Julien on the state of his team.

"We’re going to expect more out of our team the whole year. We never get satisfied. I’m happy with the game, and I use that term all the time, but I’m not satisfied. I think there’s still areas we continue to work."

Julien on Griffith.

"That’s why he’s still here and that’s why he’s still on that line, because he’s been good."