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Habs 5, Bruins 1 -- The Bad, The Ugly, and This Defensive Showing

Bruins led 1-0 after one, and the wheels came off. In fact, the wheels were fired into the sun by mistake.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

I'm keeping this short because you all probably already know this was rather terrible:

  • Back-to-backs, road game, missing players, whatever. No excuses for the complete lack of good own-zone play by the Bruins tonight. Make no mistake, that was the culprit above all else. Not all the bull pucky platitude stuff...the Bruins just missed about ten goals worth of defensive assignments.
  • Actually thought Nicklas Svedberg was the only reason this wasn't 12-1 instead of 5. Kid had some rookie moments--Dale Weise's PS Goal--but he generally did everything you could expect from a young goalie playing behind bad defense.
  • Greg Campbell got into the most Greg Campbell fight ever.
  • Matt Fraser got into a fight, got punched in the face, and might be hurt. Stupid. Whatever you think of fighting, that wasn't a match-up that anyone wanted to see.
  • Dougie Hamilton scored a PPG. That's probably the lone positive contribution from the Hamilton-Dennis Seidenberg pairing, which had an absolutely brutal night.
  • The Bruins were outshot 34-22 in a game they were chasing for about half the time, against a Montreal squad that is once again struggling in the puck possession game under Therrien.
  • Don't think Simon Gagne was at all trying to injure Tom Gilbert in the corner, do think Adam McQuaid punching a Hab who was already down was pretty dumb.
  • Milan Lucic suckered P.K. Subban into taking a crosschecking penalty. This was one of the few funny moments from the Bruins perspective. He did what, now?
  • On the other hand, Lucic did not "bleeping kill" Weise.
  • The Bruins were outscored 11-2 in the last two games. Yuck.
  • Zdeno Chara's absence might be a bit more of an issue than people thought. Just kidding, I mean, everyone really knew that the five-game win streak didn't mean Z wasn't being missed, right?
  • This recap has three hundred and sixteen words.
Win the next game. It's against Carolina.