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Fun with Tableau: The Giant Dashboard of Historical F1 Data

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

This is exactly what it sounds like.

A giant dashboard of F1 data.

After about 40 hours of labor, a lot of swearing and crying at attempting to build a database and port the data into tableau, my work here is done.

Contained within this dashboard, which will automatically update with new data after every Grand Prix, is information about drivers, races, and constructors, broken out by tabs.

Quick explanation:

Tab 1: Driver Overview. Contained in here,alongside an adorable little Fangio doodle by @hockeybabbler, are three charts. The main one is a chart that visually plots out count of races vs. wins by driver, with bubble size equivalent to win percentage. The bottom two look at driver wins by nationality and top 10 drivers by three different selectable variables. Charts are sortable by year and driver nationality.

Tab 2: Driver Detail. This looks at individual statistics a little closer. The top three charts can be drilled into by narrowing down the year; on mouseover, "champion age" and "race winner age" reveals exact driver name and age. Below those three, individual stats by race are on the left, sortable by race/year, and on the right is a chart of wins per year, in which you can select multiple drivers to compare. By default, I've left a few notable names selected.

Tab 3: Constructors. Self-explanatory. The top chart is similar to the top chart in driver overview, with the main difference being the size of bubble equates to total number of drivers that have raced for that particular constructor. The bottom chart traces the history of each team, with color equating to team name.

Tab 4: Races. This takes a look at some interesting trends around the races themselves. The top line chart tracks number of races per season vs. either number of drivers or number of constructors per season (selectable). Below that are races by country (mouse over country for exact number) and most frequently raced circuits. Both of these charts are adjustable by year - drilling down into this by decade is pretty interesting. The bottom chart takes a look at how F1 "chases the sun" - a look at races by continent per month.

If you have any comments or suggestions for things I can add to this dashboard, please get in touch!