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In their words: Bruins vs. Blues, 11/18

Read what the parties involved had to say about the Bruins' 2-0 win over St. Louis.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Claude Julien on Matt Bartkowski's confidence level.

"Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and you work with him and you try and rebuild his confidence. Eventually, you get your shot and you take advantage of it. That’s what he’s done."

Julien on Matt Fraser's disallowed goal.

"To me, it should have been a goal. In my mind the puck’s in, it hits him, and it goes in before he even touches the goaltender. But those are unfortunately not reviewable, so he gets deprived from a goal."

Patrice Bergeron on Bartkowski's performance.

"It was a great job by him. I thought he was solid from the first shift on and made some great plays, great passes, great breakouts...used his speed a lot, definitely worked to his advantage. [He] made some great plays and had a great pass on the goal."

David Krejci on positive vibes.

"I felt good and you know what I don’t want to talk about injury anymore. I don’t like the word. It’s been a long time so I just talk about the positives things and those negative words, I just don’t want to hear about it."

Bartkowski on working out of his slump.

"It’s just good to see your hard work rewarded. That’s all you can ask for. Someone noticed you’re working hard, it’s great."

Tuukka Rask on his team's performance.

"We started off really hard. Right off the bat we took the puck in their end and played there. The first period was probably the best one, you know, twenty minutes—you’re always going to get a little ups and downs through the games but for the most part we kept things tight and played a good game."

Ken Hitchcock on losing despite carrying much of the play.

"I just think they kept us on the perimeter all night. I know we had a lot of shots on goal, but we weren’t really a threat. We were trying to make the extra play all night, rather than pound it in and look for the grease goal."

David Backes on playing against the Bruins.

"They bring their 'A' game, they play hard, they don’t give you any room and you have to earn every inch of ice. Tonight I think they just managed the puck better and stayed on that game for a full 60 minutes and not that the two goals they scored were beautiful but that’s a result of putting pressure on and making guys make a few errors and capitalizing on it."

Backes on what was going on with his potential hand injury.

"Just icing the old body.  They ran out of oil in the oil can so we’ll try ice for a little bit."