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Monday MOrning Skate: 1-0 in the enlightened era

As Dan posted this weekend, the Dalai Lama is a Bruins fan. This trumps that time when a Bruins fan was on the shortlist to become Pope, but was not selected. We're 1-0 since then.

Its also Movember! I'm raising money to fight prostate cancer (and a host of other men's health initiatives). Please give as you are able:

This year, I've teamed up with Top Shelf Cookies! The first 27 (in honor of Dougie Hamilton) that give $50 or more get a dozen cookies mailed to them! If you've had Top Shelf Cookies before, you'll know why that's exciting. We're hoping this works, so I don't have to post those ridiculous posts like I did the last 2 years. Give today!

Anyways, what's on tap?