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начало: Where Are They Now?

The guy on the left used to be a Bruin!

Alex Grimm

The player on the left, in the above picture, is former Bruins prospect Jamie Arniel. The man in the middle is Marc El-Sayed, a German hockey player I scored a goal with in NHL 14 either two nights ago or sometime last week. I can't remember. And the man on the right appears to be whiffing on a slapshot directed toward the side-boards. He'll save face by likely hitting El-Sayed's skate. I say save face, because well, at least he didn't make contact with nothing.


Arniel is the first player that we're "Where Are They Now"-ing.

Why? Because I thought he'd be really good after his 50-point campaign with Providence in 2010-2011. I mean I probably wasn't the only numskull to think a 21-year-old scoring 23 goals in the AHL was a positive sign, but I expect nothing but the best from myself. That's why yesterday, on Sunday, I didn't shower or get out of bed until 6 p.m. I strive for the best. I'm Nolan Cardwell.

Arniel's production dropped off violently in 2011-2012, notching a ho-hum 24 points (7 goals, 17 assists) in 74 games. Even with his label as a solid two-way forward, it wasn't enough to keep the Kingston, Ontario native and his 1 game of NHL experience in North America, nevertheless the B's system.

Following his Black and Gold departure, Arniel spent an uneventful season (17 points) with Eisbaren Berlin of Germany's Deutsche Eishockey Liga for a year, before venturing to Finland for 3 games with Liiga's Rauman Lukko Oy in 2013-2014. With no point to his name, Arniel headed from Scandanavia to Austria, where he's suited up for Dornbirner EC of the heavily Austrian Erste Bank Liga since last Fall. He's off to a relatively slow start this year (14 points in 15 games), but if last seasons any indication (37 points in 29 games), I'm sure he'll finish the season strong.

Or he won't. I've been wrong here before.


Ladies and gentlemen, your 2005 First Round Draft Pick MATTTT LASHOFFFFF!

Sadly, that exaggerated spelling is longer than Lashoff's stint in the NHL - as the Kitchener Rangers once promising defenseman and 22nd overall pick in 2005 is currently lapsing in his own zone somewhere in Russia for KHL club Metallurg Novokuznetsk.

According to Wikipedia, Novokuznetsk, Russia is in southwestern Siberia and home to 547,904 animals; 400,000 of which are polar bears. But not the nice kind. These are the not-nice ones that steal your mail and call you fat and say mean things about your 2002 Buick LeSabre.

Any who, Lashoff holds 74 games of NHL experience to his name - including 46 with Boston between 2006 and 2009. Dealt to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the trade that brought Mark Recchi to Beantown, Lashoff was unable to crack a Tampa Bay defensive unit that, at this point in time, would have been better off enlisting scarecrows.

After 1.5 seasons in Tampa, Lashoff tried his luck north-of-the-border in Toronto. However, his efforts resulted in playing time with the Marlies, not the perpetually dissapointing Maple Leafs.

Lashoff spent 2012-2013 with ZSC of Switerland's National League A and 2013-2014 with Leksand IF of the Swedish Hockey League.

He is also a musician, releasing an album, Living on Heart in May 2011 and debuted a single, "Part of Me" from his upcoming album in September. His music actually isn't half bad, and to be honest he might be a better at this than he is at playing defense*.

*Offensively homes is okay, but my god are there some holes in his defense.

Depending on the reception of this initial post, I hope to do at least 1 or 2 of these per week. I've always enjoyed tracking players careers overseas for some reason. I'll do more than 2 players per post too, I just didn't want to have 5 guys only to have people be all "no." and "ew. pass."


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