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In their words: Bruins vs. Oilers, 11/6

Read what the parties involved had to say about the Bruins' 5-2 win over Edmonton.

There was much Carl tonight, my friends.
There was much Carl tonight, my friends.
Jim Rogash

Tuukka Rask on his teammates' having his back after the Oilers' second goal.

"It was kind of my mistake, maybe a little bit. So, at least the guys like me still...they started playing and wanted to score a goal."

David Krejci on getting back into the swing of things.

"The first period was kind of tough to get my legs, my hands, you know my mind back into the game. A couple of...stupid penalties, but it happens and then after it was better and better."

Loui Eriksson on the team's overall play.

"I think we still can be a little bit better in some areas. We still haven’t played a full 60-minute game yet so we have to be sharper than that and if we do that we can win more games."

Claude Julien on the Bruins' play since Zdeno Chara's injury.

"I guess that’s what you want from your guys, to respond that way. Our guys have done a good job there of working well together and just knowing that we’ve got to work that much harder. Again, I’m hoping this will pay off here in the long run with getting some good habits going."

Rask on what has changed for the team.

"We kind of were a rollercoaster team for a little bit – winning and losing, winning and losing, and battling to get over that .500 mark. But we talked about things and we clipped some things and really paid attention to that defense and it really has paid off."

Carl Soderberg on his second (or not) goal.

"Oh, I’m not sure if that puck hit me. I didn’t feel it. I think they’ll take another look and we’ll see."

Oilers coach Dallas Eakins on what went wrong.

"We had a critical mistake off the rush on the third one, and then they scored that third goal. It’s a bad decision, one that cost us, and then it actually led to the next one as well. That’s a hard one to frame. It goes to the mindset that every moment is critical."

Reilly Smith on what changed in the third period.

"I think we had a little bit more poise with the puck. Waited for plays to open the second we were forcing a little too much and kind of playing their game, which is more of a run-and-gun style."