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Okay, so where would the 2016 Winter Classic be?

Will Claude bring the hat back?
Will Claude bring the hat back?
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As we previously reported, the NHL is trying to get a deal done with "Boston" to put the Winter Classic back in the city that hosted it in 2010. But where in Boston would they put it?

Fenway Park

  • Seating: 37,499
  • Distance from the Gahden: 2.8 miles (8 minute drive without traffic)

We've seen this story already. It looked nice enough on camera, I suppose, but for the fans watching in the park it was generally pretty terrible. Your best bet was a balcony seat which put you about where the 9th floor seats are in the Gahden. Plus, it would be pretty unimaginative. Granted, Fenway has put on their own hockey rink every year since 2010. This is, unfortunately, probably the frontrunner.

Harvard Stadium

  • Seating: 30,323
  • Distance from the Gahden: 5.1 miles (10 minute drive without traffic)

This would be grand. What better place to host the winter classic than a copy of the Coliseum? Unfortunately, a lack of seating makes this much less likely. Though it would be great. Just think of Doc Emrick waxing poetic about gladiators and so forth. Dare to dream, NHL!

Alumni Stadium at Boston College

  • Seating: 44,500
  • Distance from the Gahden: 6.5 miles (19 minute drive without traffic)

Boston College's Alumni Stadium, home of terrible country songs and yet somehow still seemingly gets a couple people into the NFL each year. Don't ask me how. The nice thing about this place is that it's probably the largest amount of seats for an outdoor stadium even remotely close to Boston. There's one bigger spot, of course, but it's far far away.

Gillette Stadium

  • Seating: 68,756
  • Distance from the Gahden: 28 miles (32 minute drive without traffic)

The obvious choice if Fenway's out. It's big, it's got a bunch of seats, people are used to freezing their ass off there. Only problem? The Patriots are too damn good. The likelihood of a home playoff game shortly after the Winter Classic is very high, and I don't see Bill Belichick being excited about messing up his field and practice schedule for a hockey game. Then again, Bob Kraft loves the spotlight.

Long Shots

These aren't really likely, but they would be cool.

Boston Common

  • Seating: ? (would need to erect temporary stands)
  • Distance from the Gahden: 1 mile (5 minute drive without traffic)

This is almost certainly a pipe dream, as there aren't locker facilities anywhere in Boston Common. However, it is an iconic spot and maybe the NHL will have a little creativity and try for a new thing. You know it would look cool as hell.

Suffolk Downs

  • Seating: ? (would need to erect temporary stands)
  • Distance from the Gahden: 4.5 miles (10 minute drive without traffic)

The no-longer-having-races horse track is an interesting choice. There is already a good amount of seating on one side, and temporary bleachers could be erected in the middle of the track. to put seats on either side.

New Casino

  • Seating: ?
  • Distance from the Gahden: ?

We don't know where it will be but they'll be pretty desperate to have a big event there near the opening. Who says they don't grease a few more wheels and make it happen?

Where do you think it will be?

Seating figures from Wikipedia, distance via Google maps