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2016 Winter Classic Idea: Puppies vs Chiots

Why should football get all the fun?

Like this, but with ice...
Like this, but with ice...
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We're all living under the assumption that the habs will be the guests for the 2016 Winter Classic that Bob Mackenzie thinks will be in Boston at an undisclosed location. Don't forget to vote in our location poll, by the way. Anyhow, while throwing out locations, I suggested Jamaica Pond (as I live near it and could walk there). Right next to Jamaica Pond is the MSCPA Angell Animal Hospital, a partner of the Bruins Pucks and Pups calendar.

So, I figured, why not have a puppy Winter Classic? As it's Habs/Bruins, let's do:



These guys right here:

And Dennis Seidenberg is training a defensepup:

This defensepup will get too long of a contract. Luckily, there's hope:

In net, none other than:

And up front we're going to need something. Ready?

We'll need some kids

A shit-stirrer

And maybe an alumni?

And on the other side,

And of course,

And in net,

Almost every image sourced from the invaluable