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3 Questions with On The Forecheck

Tommy Giglio-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of tonight's game, we got asked 3 questions about the Bruins. We answered them over on On The Forecheck, and sent back some of our own. Here's what we found out about tonight's jerks.

1. What's it like to have Northeastern Hockey Legend David Poile at the helm? (From Sean)

There have been some mixed emotions about him the past few years. He made some pretty boneheaded signings two summers ago, and plenty of us thought he was going to get the boot along with Barry Trotz, just to give Nashville a new direction. 16 years of barely scraping by just wasn't going to cut it any more.

Credit to Mr. Poile though. He pretty much vowed after Trotz was let go that things were going to be different, and he's been a man of his word. Plus, he somehow got out from the Matt Hendricks contract, turned Martin Erat into Filip Forsberg, and had the stones to trade a fan favorite for the kind of scorer the city has never seen before, in James Neal. All that on top of being just a great man.

2. Nashville is quite high on my list of places to visit for hockey. What should I absolutely not miss if I'm there for a game?

The atmosphere on Broadway is unlike any other hockey arena I've been to. If you want the traditional "country bar with live music before heading to the game," might I recommend Roberts Western World? Generally has the better bands, cheap food and even cheaper beer.

But if you're looking to branch out a little more, our writers (and a ton of the commenters) made a handy guide for prospective tourists, full of craft breweries, great restaurants, and things to do. Come enjoy our awesome town!

3. What's it like having a team that scores?

Early in the season we had to check the rules to see if scoring more than one goal was actually allowed. But for as much attention as the new scorers are getting, Nashville is only one ahead of the Bruins as far as total goals scored. (75 to Boston's 74.)

Most of those goals come from Neal, Forsberg and Mike Ribeiro. Until recently, the Predators weren't getting much in the way of secondary scoring. That's been turning around a little bit. However, the scoring illusion also comes from the incredible crop of defensemen up and down Nashville's lineup, a relatively high shooting percentage and, of course, the play of Pekka Rinne. No team in the league is better than Nashville when it comes to goals against.

Bonus: Do you listen to Serial? Who do you think did it?

I don't, but with the amount of This American Life and RadioLab I consumed in college, I hear it'd be right up my alley. No spoilers.

Thanks again to Jonathan of On The Forecheck for answering our inane ramblings!