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Are the Bruins in on Hall?

Could Boston be dealing for the 2010 #1 overall pick?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Take this with a grain of salt, 'cause Darren Dreger started all of this. (Corny: Dreger started it. Dreger is awful, so preface with that.)

But double-D reported earlier this week that the Edmonton Oilers' Taylor Hall was "uncoachable" and may end up on the trade block. Dreger appeared on TSN Radio in Toronto Monday and leaked the possibility shortly after Dallas Eakins was let go from his head coaching responsibilities.

Here's an excerpt of the conversation, courtesy of Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog.

"It’s not one player. It’s the collection of players that make up the sagging work ethic and lack of culture. But if you had to put a face on it, or a name to it, that name would be Taylor Hall.

"Taylor Hall, at least from a culture standpoint, in the room not on the ice, hasn’t been what they hoped he would be. So when [GM Craig] MacTavish looks into his crystal ball and sees what’s coming his way through trades, he’s gotta be looking at the trade deadline and then beyond that looking at the draft floor.

"Because if you’re moving a piece like Taylor Hall, and I believe Taylor Hall will be in play, then the rate of return is always going to be the best in the summer.

"I think it speaks from a willingness to adapt. I’m choosing my words carefully in saying that. I’m not in the room, so we gather information from the sources that we have, and my sense is that Taylor Hall has a pretty specific vision on how he sees he needs to play and maybe how he thinks the team should play, and he really isn’t open to change, and that’s a problem.

"MacTavish will have to see first hand that what I said is true. If you’re moving out a franchise player like Taylor Hall, you have to be damn certain if that’s the right move for the organization."

Should the Bruins go and get the "uncoachable" Hall? If so, who do they give up to fit his $6M cap hit?