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Fresh Links: Portage & Main Edition

Footy PJs and popcorn are de rigueur tonight!

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Hey, Marc Savard, long time, no see!
Hey, Marc Savard, long time, no see!
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Bruins face off against the Winnipeg Jets tonight at the MTS Centre, 8:00 PM.

  • The Bruins are relieved to be reaping some rewards on this road trip. [TheBostonGlobe]
  • David Pastrnak is set to join his Czech WJC team in Montreal on Monday to spend the AHL holiday break playing with his peers on the international stage. Afterward, he and the Bruins face a big decision. [ProvidenceJournal]
  • Midseason, here's a look at the top six Bruins forwards. Who is performing, who is underachieving? [BleacherReport]
  • If wishes were horses, the Bruins would have T.J. Oshie. [WEEI]
  • Bob McKenzie has opinions on potential trade targets for the Bruins. (With video, 2:47)  [NESN]
  • Hold your noses- maybe even Alex Burrows deserves a look? His price is right... [HockeyBuzz]
  • The Jets made a quick acquisition to shore up their suddenly depleted defensive corps for tonight. Former Bruin Mark Stuart was the latest casualty. Interstingly, Evander Kane was not on ice for practice yesterday... [CJOB]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • 'Tis the season for year-end lists: Here are the top hockey Tweets of 2014. [TheHockeyWriters]
  • And this list ranks the top twenty Boston sports moments of the year, good or bad.  []
  • Enjoy the top 10 hockey photos of the year. [YahooSports]
  • Here are Elliotte Friedman 30 Thoughts, and several are musings on possible Boston trades.  [Sportsnet]
  • This amusing list of the best hockey nicknames includes Rich "Raptor Jesus" Peverley. [TheHockeyWriters]
  • The Finnish goalie topping this list of potential Vezina winners is NOT Tuukka Rask... [TheHockeyNews]
  • Fancystats for goalies- there are new metrics for evaluation. [NHL]
  • This All-Small Player Team features both historical and current players, and of course there is a current Bruin defenseman named. [SportsIllustrated]
  • Because it feels so good when you stop... Why, WHY subject yourself to the negativity on sports talk radio? [TheBostonGlobe]
  • Coaches fired by their NHL teams take a breather, dust themselves off, and move along. [EdmontonJournal]
  • It looks like curtains for the AHL Oklahoma City Barons. [TheHockeyNews]
  • Donald Fehr reminds you to not get your  hopes up about avoiding another lockout after this CBA ends in 2021-22. [TheHockeyNews]
  • Enjoy this feature on a favorite fictional hockey player, goalie Marco Belchior of the Halifax Highlanders. [BarDown]
  • How about THIS topical team name and concept uniform (the third is a scream!) for the proposed Las Vegas expansion team? [BarDown]
  • Tuukka Rask would want an invitation to "Shark-tallica Night." [BarDown]
  • Because they have a dog in this fight, The NHL will help protect the frozen ponds it was born on by going carbon-neutral.  [NationalJournal]
  • What is up with naughty Claude Giroux these days? He's gonna get coal in his stocking. [CBSSPorts]
  • In the spirit of the season, have a look at these holiday village displays on steroids.  [GreatestHockeyLegends]