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Fresh Links: Auld Lang Syne Edition

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! and gie's a hand o’ thine! And we’ll tak' a right gude-willie waught, for auld lang syne.

Auld accquaintances, Andrew Ference and Alex Auld
Auld accquaintances, Andrew Ference and Alex Auld
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Bruins host the Maple Leafs tonight at 7:00 PM. Cheer up, the Panthers clawed back from a deficit to beat them, after all...

  • In fact, the Leafs hope to "right their ship" tonight. Blown two-goal leads. Losses. You know the drill. [TorontoSun]

  • If Monday's performance by the Bruins was more than a flash in a pan, things are looking good going forward. [TheBostonGlobe]

  • It looks like the revised maroon line will warrant a second look. This is good news for Jordan Caron, indeed. [PatriotLedger]

  • Speaking of second looks, Jaromir Jagr is available... [CausewayCrowd]

  • And Loui Eriksson is beginning to look more like, well, Loui Eriksson. [ESPN]

  • Good news in Providence, despite only dressing 17 players last evening! [ProvidenceJournal]

  • Here are the top 10 Bruins stories for the past year. Remember last year's NHL awards? Good times! [MassLive]

  • So, did other events this past year leave Bruins fans "heartbroken?" [CausewayCrowd]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Dorchester brothers Jimmy Hayes and Kevin Hayes , both Noble and Greenough School alumni, face off tonight as NHL opponents. [BostonHerald]

  • Matt Fraser made his Edmonton debut in the Oilers ' win over the Kings. His parents must be thrilled! [BostonHerald]

  • Of all the hockey playing characters in movies, these are the five best. No, the Hanson Brothers are not on the list. [TheHockeyNews]

  • A Boxing Day practice held by the Ducks may cost them a hefty league fine. [TheSportingNews]

  • Enjoy the "zaniest" hockey moments from the past year. Like a special KISS for the Bettman. [SportsIllustrated]

  • One hazard of the Winter Classic is that Mother Nature has the last word. A game delay may be required. [SportsIllustrated]

  • At least fans will be able to enjoy a "White Wedding," as Billy Idol is scheduled to perform. [PuckDaddy]

  • C'mon, the Winter Classic is gonna be a rolickin' good time! [JapersRink]

  • Have a peek behind the curtain at the decisions surrounding the branding of the NHL's showcase event. [HowDesign]

  • This interactive map shows all the US pro and college teams. [MapsEngine,Reddit]

  • Another lesson of the World Junior Championship is exposing players to the intense media attention. [LastWordOnHockey]

  • Here're the top hockey Tweets of December. [SportsNet]

  • The NHL initiative "Hockey Is For Everyone" is promoting the sport to non-traditional players. [TheColorOfHockey]