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Fresh Links: Shark Finns Edition

Fear the Finns in BOTH nets

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Jarome Iginla and Milan Lucic pressure Antti Niemi
Jarome Iginla and Milan Lucic pressure Antti Niemi
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, tonight... The San Jose Sharks host the Bruins at 10:30 PM Eastern.

  • As decision time approaches for David Pastrnak, here is what plays into expectations for him. [UltimateHockeyNetwork]
  • The key to the Bruins' problem is the lack of a determined and sustained offensive attack. [BleacherReport]
  • Frustration compounds over time, despite the low scoring, the team appears to be heading in the right direction. [TheBostonGlobe]
  • Joe Morrow's focus has been on defense, despite his offensive talent. [TheBostonGlobe]
  • It isn't just a lack of power plays that ails the Bruins. Some is the loss of David Krejci and the lack of production in the (albeit juggled) top lines. [WEEI]
  • A number of the Bruins' best have been suffering a lack of goal scoring simultaneously. [ThePatriotLedger]
  • Claude Julien remains firm in the belief that this will all turn around. [BostonHerald]
  • Chris Kelly knows the meaning of sacrifice. While in Ottawa, he even gave his skates to Daniel Alfredsson.  [MetroWestDailyNews]
  • Carl Soderberg is a stylistically different centerman than Milan Lucic is used to, but the two work well together. [MetroWestDailyNews]
  • Hide and seek: Peter Chiarelli has now been seen at Sabres and Blackhawks games... []
  • Meanwhile, in Providence, the loss of Bobby Robins to injury compounds the loss of callups to Boston. [TheProvidenceJournal]
  • Here's hoping the return of Craig Cunningham will help the PBruins this weekend. [NESN]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Bill Daly anticipates "a healthy rise" in the salary cap. The Canadian dollar needs to drop below US$.085 before the NHL believes it will lose significant profits. [TheNewYorkTimes]
  • "... the depths of Hockey Twitter can be a terrible place if you’re a devoted hockey fan that also happens to be a woman." [CorsiHockeyLeague]
  • File this under freaky goalie injuries. Corey Crawford was injured at a concert. [TheHockeyNews]
  • Can YOU tell the difference between the real Sean Monahan and @BoringMonahan? Take this quiz! [TheSportingNews]
  • And it is Bruins fans for the FAIL in two of these three videos. [BarDown]
  • Here's your tongue-in-cheek Graphic Guide to the NHL season so far. [TheSportingNews]
  • Former teammates, including former Bruin Wade Redden, praised Daniel Alfredsson upon his retirement. [Sportsnet]
  • Andrew Ference spoke about his strategies for survival while traveling on the road.[SportsIllustrated]
  • Here are the five players ready to break out that you will need to know. [Grantland]
  • This QMJH goalie so deserved to be suspended. [BuzzingTheNet]